11 Jun

Terbaru Contoh Kitchen Set Dengan HPL Warna Coklat Glossy Di Jl Tebet Barat Jakarta Selatan Gavin by Portu

Cek aneka contoh kitchen set terbaru Gavin by Portu di portofolio kami

Contoh Kitchen Set Warna Coklat Glossy HPL Bentuk L

Kitchen Set Dengan HPL Warna Coklat Glossy Di Jl Tebet Barat Jakarta Selatan Gavin by Portu id4245

Suka dengan warna coklat mengkilap dan ingin menerapkannya di ruang dapur Anda ? maka contoh kitchen set warna coklat glossy project kami di Jl, Tebet Barat Jakarta Selatan ini bisa menjadi bahan referensi.

Project kali ini, kitchen set di buat dengan design minimalis modern dengan nuansa serba coklat mengkilap baik pada bagian kabinet atas maupun bagian kabinet bawah. Dan selain menggunakan warna coklat, bagian kabinet atas juga di kombinasikan dengan cermin bronze. 

Bagian kabinet atas juga di tambahkan dengan lampu LED strip yang di pasang pada bagian bawah kabinet atas dan juga beberapa buah kabinet terbuka. Jumlah lampu yang di gunakan pun di sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan agar tidak berlebihan.

Granit hitam juga menjadi pelengkap pada bagian top table. Dan granit juga di buat dengan profil bulat khususnya di bagian meja bar yang ada. Di bagian backplash menggunakan mozaik. 

Pada contoh kitchen set kali ini, selain di buat dengan nuansa coklat, kitchen juga di buat dengan tinggi full plafon dan berbentuk letter L serta juga terdapat meja bar yang membentuk kitchen menjadi seperti letter U.

Di pembuatan kali ini, aksesoris tambahan yang di pesan seperti rak bumbu custom yang di tempatkan atau di pasang pada bagian meja bar. Selain rak bumbu custom, rak sendok, piring dan lainnya juga tersedia. 

Dengan menggunakan finishing hpl dan dengan spec yang telah di sebutkan di atas, proses produksi di lakukan kurang lebih sekitar 3 minggu. Dan sebelumnya juga terlebih dahulu di buatkan design 3D seperti pada gambar pertama di atas. 

Anda yang menyukai warna coklat dan ingin mengaplikasikannya pada ruang dapur Anda, maka contoh kitchen set coklat glossy di atas bisa menjadi contoh untuk Anda. dan bisa langsung menghubungi kami Gavin by Portu untuk informasi lebih lengkap. 

Dan selain warna coklat, beragam warna lainnya juga bisa Anda pesan di kami. Karena kami memproduksi secara custom sesuai dengan kebutuhan dan keinginan Anda.


15 Jul

Enameled Kitchen Panel and a Simple Buying Guide

enameled kitchen panel type 4

Enameled kitchen panel that is good for you

Enameled kitchen panel might not be easy to choose because there are many options available. Enema led kitchen panel is known for its durability. Enamel is solid and strong. It can be used in the cabinets, walls, sinks or counters because of the solid material of enamel. For a kitchen that is frequently used for cooking and preparing meals, surely enamel is a good option. However, how do you that an enameled panel is good for you? There are some ways to do it.

Enameled kitchen panel is used in many parts of kitchen, but it can be found mostly in cabinets. When you are trying to have an enameled kitchen cabinet, then you have two options.

enameled kitchen panel type 4

enameled kitchen panel type 4

You can buy kitchen cabinet enamel paint and use it to repaint your cabinet or buy enamel kitchen cabinets with the real enamel finish, not the paint. If you are buying the one finished with enamel panel, you can get the functions and benefits provided of the enamel, which is a durable, solid surface for cooking. However, if you want to make it more economical by buying an enamel paint for the, then you might not get anything except the beautiful and stylish look of the enamel.

The quality of the enamel paint used in cabinets can be different and this is why you need to choose the one that is well applied so that the enamel is really solid and stick pretty well with the panels. Painting the cabinets yourself is not a good idea especially if this is your first time. You might end up with a not a good result that can make you feel disappointed. So, just buy a good one, whether this is a sink or cabinet and make sure the enamel is well applied on the top of the sink or cabinet for getting the best enameled kitchen panel.

14 Jul

Enameled Kitchen Cookware Best Brands

enameled kitchen

    Enameled kitchen Cookware, Popular Brands

Enameled kitchen cookware is durable so it is scratch resistant. Enamel is including metal and it helps the basic layer not to rust. Enamel cookware is a popular option for expert chefs from all over the world because it can reduce the need of spices and seasoning so the foods they cook will be healthier because less sodium.

When we are considering enameled kitchen pans and pots, then we have to understand that there are some brands that are so popular among professional chefs. Choosing popular brands is something logic and wise since such products have been known by more people for their quality. Though the price of popular brands is not cheap but usually we are guaranteed by the manufacturers. Here are some popular brands of enameled pots and pans:

  • La Creuset

This brand is known as the best among other options. This brand is little bit pricey but it offers the best quality. The quality of the enamel finish and the materials are the best, so when it comes to healthy foods, this is the top recommendation.

  • Lodge

This brand has produced enameled cooking utensils for more than a century. The best thing they offer is their durability. The design, style and color are also better than any other brands.

  • Staub Cookware

This is also one of the most popular options, especially its pots and Dutch ovens. The price for the brand is not too high.

However, there are also other brands in the market that can be chosen easily. Some new brands are trying to offer some different things, such as new designs and new styles. New brands are also relatively cheaper. However, it is better for us to consider its quality before we buy it. So, let’s consider before buying enameled kitchen.

enameled kitchen

enameled kitchen

13 Jul

Kitchen Cabinet Maker In Jakarta With Good Quality

Kitchen cabinet maker in Jakarta

Kitchen Cabinet Maker in Jakarta with Good Quality

Kitchen cabinet maker in Jakarta could be found easily these days. Kitchen is not only a part of your house where you could prepare and serve your foods but also a part of your house where you might spend your time in quite large amount. Since you might stay in your kitchen in quite long time, you might need to consider the interior design of your kitchen. Kitchen with good interior design tend to be more comfortable and cozy. Besides, good interior design on kitchen will make the kitchen look more attractive as well. To improve the visual quality of your kitchen, there are several types of furniture that you could use. One of them is kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet Maker in Jakarta Provides the Best Product

When you want to decorate your kitchen by installing kitchen cabinet, you might need to consider several aspects so that you could get the best results. The first thing that you should do is measuring the available space on your kitchen where you’re going to install the kitchen cabinet. Once you get the measurements, you could use them as your guide to find the right kitchen cabinet that could fit perfectly on the available space of your kitchen.

If you couldn’t find the kitchen cabinet with the right size, you could order custom kitchen cabinet from Kitchen cabinet maker in Jakarta easily these days. If you order kitchen cabinet with custom size, you could get kitchen cabinet that will fit properly on the available space on your kitchen.

Besides the size of the kitchen cabinet, you also might need to consider the design of the kitchen cabinet as well. The design or the style of the kitchen cabinet that you’re going to install should come in the similar style with the design of your kitchen. For modern kitchen, you could choose kitchen cabinet with modern design while for kitchen with rustic style you should choose kitchen cabinet with rustic or antique style instead. By knowing which style that you should choose, you could get the best kitchen cabinet from Kitchen cabinet maker in Jakarta.

Kitchen cabinet maker in Jakarta

Kitchen cabinet maker in Jakarta

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